Terms and Conditions
I ("Customer") have read and fully understood the following Terms and Conditions for availing the services of Spin Laundry Service W.L.L ("Spin Laundry") and I agree to be bound by them and all applicable laws and regulations of the State of Qatar.

I acknowledge that I have the legal capacity to enter into these Terms and Conditions or that I am registering on behalf of a legal entity and is authorized to enter into, and bind the entity to these Terms and Conditions.

I warrant that the information provided by me is accurate and complete and that Spin Laundry reserves the right to verify the information provided by me and refuse the services at its discretion without any liabilities.


Spin Laundry provides pick-up and delivery services for dry cleaning, laundry and ironing of garments. The services are currently available only in Doha city, but will be further extended to other regions of Qatar shortly.

The Customer can place a request for these door-to-door services through a bilingual mobile application ("Application"), and the same will be hosted at both Apple and Android stores. Customers also have the option to hire services through an internet website ("Website"). Once the Application is installed or the Website is accessed, as the case may be, the Customer needs to create an account providing certain basic information including mobile number and address for pick-up and delivery in order to start using the services offered by Spin Laundry. The Customer can protect his account by a password and it is also possible to change/update his details later.

The Customers will be offered wide range of choices in the Application and Website to tweak their experience as per their own convenience and predispositions – such as types of wash, billing preferences, monthly packages, elite services (laundry services offered at a higher standard, or a far quicker delivery time), and so on. Spin Laundry will also give to the Customers the flexibility of paying digitally and online, booking specific orders, choosing exact locations and so on.

The field operation staff designated by Spin Laundry will also be provided with a customized mobile application to successfully guide and supervise their pickup and delivery tasks. At the back-end, there will be a web-based platform which will have the capability to integrate the applications of both the Customer and field staff, ensuring seamless unity of operations and service delivery.

The Customer shall only use the Application and Website for his sole, personal use and shall not resell it to a third party. The Customer will not authorize others nor assign or otherwise transfer his account to any other person or legal entity. No Customer shall use an account that is subject to any rights of a third person other than without appropriate authorization. The Customer shall not use the Website or Application for unlawful or fraudulent purposes or to create nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience. The Customer shall not hinder or stop the proper operation of the network in any manner whatsoever. The Customer further undertakes to comply with all applicable laws while using the Website, Application and the services of Spin Laundry.

Degree of Care

Spin Laundry shall, at all times, follow the care label instructions on each and every garment that they have received for treatment. In case the instructions tag is found missing or removed from the garment, Spin Laundry's experienced personnel will assess the particular garment and determine the method to be adopted for processing.

If the Customer has requested for a specific treatment of the garment which is contradictory to the indication on the care label tag, Spin Laundry shall inform the Customer by email about the potential risks associated with the treatment. The Customer may be contacted on the registered mobile number only when Spin Laundry deems it important and as a secondary measure.

The email will specify the turn around time within which the Customer is expected to respond. If the Customer authorizes Spin Laundry to continue with the treatment, Spin Laundry shall not be held responsible for any damage to the garments. On the other hand, if the Customer does not reply, Spin Laundry will either process the garment as per the prevailing standards in the industry for like garments or refrain from processing the garment. In the latter case, the Customer's order will be amended accordingly and the prices revised.

The same steps will be followed when any major damage or potential for major damage is noticed on inspection. In such circumstances, if the Customer wishes to withdraw the said garment from servicing, Spin Laundry will return it without any charges. If the damage is only a minor one, for example, missing buttons, minor tears, missing collar bones etc., Spin Laundry shall continue with the requested service for that particular garment without informing the Customer.

Quality of Cleaning

Spin Laundry will take utmost efforts to ensure that the quality of washing and other services is well within or even beyond the customer's expectations. Spin Laundry guarantees that the garments collected from Customers will be handled and processed safely and in a hygienic environment.

Preventive measures will be adopted by Spin Laundry to eliminate damages while cleaning each and every garment, but Spin Laundry cannot assure removal of all kinds of stains from all garments. If prior to commencing the treatment, Spin Laundry feels that attempts to remove stains will be unsafe or likely to cause adverse damage, Spin Laundry will notify the Customer. If the Customer directs not to proceed, the garment shall be returned without any charges.

Declaration of Item Count

While placing an order for cleaning garments, the Customer has the option to declare the number of garments that will be presented, including the nature of clothes and the desired type of treatment. If the Customer does not do so, the field staff of Spin Laundry who picks up the garments will prepare the order list in the presence of the Customer and the Customer has to confirm the order through his account in the Application or Website.

In cases where the Customer chooses to drop his garments in a laundry bag provided by Spin Laundry at the door or with the Security or Concierge Desk at his place of residence, the field staff of Spin Laundry shall collect the same after accepting the order placed by the Customer. The Customer will receive an online notification of the particulars of the order.

Once the garments arrive at the facility, it will be counted by the attendant to check whether it matches with the placed order. If there is a mismatch in the count, Spin Laundry shall inform the Customer at the earliest about the difference and only then start the cleaning.

Damage to Garments

Spin Laundry works in accordance with international standards and policies prevalent in the industry for safeguarding its Customer's interests and exercising maximum possible care in cleaning and processing garments.

The Customer understands that there is an inherent risk in the processing and there is potential for clothing and related items to get lost or damaged. Spin Laundry will do its best to ensure that such situations do not arise, but in the instances where they still occur, Spin Laundry will work with the Customer to rectify the situation.

There may exist inherent weaknesses or defects in materials which may result in tears in fabric or development of small holes that are not easily visible prior to processing. Similar is the case with colour loss, bleeding or shrinkage of garments. Spin Laundry cannot guarantee against damage caused to weak and tender fabrics.

For items deemed damaged due to a lapse on the part of Spin Laundry, the Customer may be reimbursed by a payment not exceeding ten (10) times the charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand, price or condition. Any damaged garments must be reported through the Customer's account within three (3) business days and returned to Spin Laundry for inspection by experienced personnel.

Loss of Garments

Spin Laundry also has strict guidelines in place to prevent loss or mixing up of garments. After delivery of the processed garments, if the Customer finds any garment to be missing, it must be brought to the notice of Spin Laundry within three (3) business days through the Customer's account. Spin Laundry shall make their best efforts to track every garment and will review the claim on a case-by-case basis.

Garments will finally be considered lost if Spin Laundry fails to locate it twenty (20) days after the initial claim is filed. In case of loss, the affected Customer will be granted a reimbursement of twenty (20) times the charge for cleaning that garment regardless of the brand, price or condition. Spin Laundry will not be liable for loss of any materials or valuables which came along with the garments.

Delivery of Processed Garments

On successful completion of the requested service, the Customer will be notified via SMS and/or email and the garments will be returned by the field staff of Spin Laundry to the specified location unless there is a valid reason otherwise.

Turn Around Times

Spin Laundry provides its Customers the option of scheduling the pick up of garments on any business day including the same day of placing the order through the Application or Website. Similarly, delivery of the processed garments can be scheduled on or after 2 business days from the scheduled pick up date. Time slots available for the scheduled pick up and delivery will be shown for the Customer's selection at the time of placing the order. Subject to any irregular circumstances like system failure, internet outage, vehicle breakdown etc. or change in policy, Spin Laundry will collect all garments and endeavor to deliver them back according to the preferred schedule.

Personal Items

It is the responsibility of the Customer to inspect the garments for money, jewelry or other valuables prior to its handing over to Spin Laundry. If Spin Laundry finds any valuables in the garments, it will make every effort to return them to the Customer. However, if the Customer initiates a claim for loss of the same, Spin Laundry will not be liable in any manner whatsoever.

Payment Invoice

The Customer is responsible for the timely payment of all charges. The processed garments will be returned to the Customer only after receiving the desired payment. All payments made to Spin Laundry will be non-refundable.

Spin Laundry shall charge only for the services including any taxes or additional fees as might be applicable as per the Customer's request. Once the requested services are completed, an automated invoice detailing the number of items that were cleaned as well as the charges minus any promotions or credits accumulated will be generated and emailed to the Customer for reference. The Customer can also access the invoice on his account in the Application or Website.

The Customers will have the option to pay against each services or alternatively to opt for a monthly package at attractive rates. For the monthly category, payments will be made upfront by the Customers. At the end of each month, Spin Laundry will send statements to each of such Customers, itemizing service fees, and the charge for the services.

Mode of Payment

Spin Laundry enables its Customers to choose their preferred mode of payment at the time of placing a service request itself. The different modes of payment available include Cash on Delivery ("COD"), debit / credit card billing and online payment.

Spin Laundry accepts all major credit cards (Visa / MasterCard / American Express) for payments made online and via a point of sale terminal (POS terminal). For debit cards (Visa / MasterCard), the payment can be made only using the POS terminals. Spin Laundry uses a third-party Payment Processor for online payments. The processing of payments or credits, as applicable, in relation to the use of the Website and Application will be subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the Payment Processor and the credit card issuer of the Customer in addition to these Terms and Conditions. Spin Laundry will not be responsible for any errors by the Payment Processor. In connection with the Customer's use of the payment services, Spin Laundry will obtain certain transaction details, which Spin Laundry will use solely in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

If the Customer prefers to make an electronic transfer using the POS terminal of Spin Laundry and the event of a technical glitch or rejection of payment due to insufficient funds or damaged card arises which prevents the Customer from billing his credit / debit card, the garments will be delivered subject to certain conditions. The pending payment will be reflected in the Spin Laundry account of the Customer and the Customer should settle the outstanding amount as early as possible either online or by pashing cash to the field staff of Spin Laundry who will come to collect the payment.

By entering the credit / debit card information online or swiping the card in the POS terminal of Spin Laundry, the Customer acknowledges that he is the authorized user of the credit / debit card and/or that the associated information (name of the account holder, account number, billing address etc.) entered during the check out is accurate. The Customer further authorizes Spin Laundry to charge the displayed amount to his credit / debit card as a result of using the services of Spin Laundry.

On successful payment and delivery, an electronic receipt will be emailed to the Customer at his registered email address and will also be available for download from the Customer's account in the Application and Website.

Intellectual Property

All rights, interests and title, including all intellectual property rights in and related to the Application, Website and the services rendered shall vest with Spin Laundry. This ownership extends to suggestions, ideas, feedback, recommendations and other information provided by the Customer or any other party to Spin Laundry.

These Terms and Conditions do not grant any right to anyone to use the name and logo of Spin Laundry and other details associated with the Website, Application and services. The Customer may not use, copy, adapt, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, license, sell, transfer, display, perform, reproduce, transmit, stream, broadcast or otherwise exploit the Website or Application, except as expressly permitted in these Terms and Conditions.

No licenses or rights are granted to the Customer by implication or otherwise under any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by Spin Laundry or its licensors, except for the licenses and rights expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions.


The invalidity of any of the provisions contained herein shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


In the event of a difference between these Terms and Conditions and any translated version, the English text of the Terms shall prevail.


The Terms and Conditions contained herein may be revised or replaced by Spin Laundry at any time at its sole discretion without an obligation to notify its Customers. By using the Application, Website and thereby the service, the Customer agrees to be bound by the then existing version of the Terms and Conditions. However, Spin Laundry will reasonably keep the Application, Website and its contents correct and up to date but does not guarantee that they are free of errors, defects, malware and viruses.

Similarly, the Application or Website and the services may be changed, suspended or discontinued (including without limitation, the availability of any feature, database, or content) at any time, by posting a notice on the Website or by sending notice to the Customers through the Application or by email. Spin Laundry may also impose limits on certain features and services or restrict the Customer's access to parts or all of the services without notice or liability.

Limitation of Liability

Spin Laundry assumes no responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of (or inability to use) the Website or Application (but to the exclusion of death or personal injury), including damages caused by malware, viruses or any incorrectness or incompleteness of information on the Website or Application, unless such damage is the result of any wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of Spin Laundry.

Spin Laundry shall further not be liable for damages resulting from the use of (or inability to use) electronic means of communication with the Website or Application, including but not limited to damages resulting from failure or delay in delivery of electronic communications, interception or manipulation of electronic communications by third parties or by computer programs used for electronic communications and transmission of viruses.


All notices will be given through the Application and/or Website or by telephone or email to the registered email address.

Termination of Service

Upon the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer, a contract is made between the Customer and Spin Laundry which shall be for an indefinite period, subject to certain conditions of usage. The contract is deemed to have terminated when the Customer deletes or cancels his account with Spin Laundry through the Application or Website.

Spin Laundry is entitled to terminate its services and the use of the Website or Application with immediate effect and without any obligation to give notice in advance if the Customer fails to comply with any of the provisions contained herein, or if in the opinion of Spin Laundry, he misuses the Application or Website.


The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the subsequent usage of the services constitute an acknowledgment by the Customer that he shall defend, indemnify and hold Spin Laundry, its affiliates, licensors, and each of their officers, directors, other users, employees, attorneys, agents and suppliers harmless from and against any and all claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of or in connection with: (a) violation or breach of any provisions of these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law or regulation, whether or not referenced herein; (b) violation of any rights of any third party, or (c) use or misuse of the Application or Service.

Application License

Subject to the Customer's compliance with these Terms and Conditions, Spin Laundry grants a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and install a copy of the Application and to access the Website.

The Customer shall not license, sublicense, sell, resell, transfer, assign, distribute or otherwise commercially exploit or make available to any third party the Service or Application in any way. Moreover, the Customer hereby agrees that the Application shall not be accessed in order to design or build a competitive product or service, design or build a product using similar ideas, features, functions or graphics of the Service or Application, or copy any ideas, features, functions or graphics of the Application.

The Customer shall not: (i) send spam or otherwise duplicative or unsolicited messages in violation of applicable laws; (ii) send or store infringing, obscene, threatening, libelous or otherwise unlawful or tortious material, including material harmful to children or violative of third party privacy rights; (iii) send or store material containing software viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful computer code, files, scripts, agents or programs; (iv) interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the Website or Application or the data contained therein; or (v) attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Website and/or Application or its related systems or networks.

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Qatar. Any claims or disputes with respect to these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the competent courts in Qatar.


Spin Laundry can be contacted at info@spinlaundrys.com for all enquiries with respect to the Terms and Conditions. Customers will also have the facility to provide their service feedback or make complaints through the Application and Website.


Spin Laundry respects the privacy of its Customers and warrants that any information obtained from the Customer as part of its business will be held with utmost care and security, and will not be used in ways for which the Customer has not consented.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to submit to Spin Laundry correct and up to date personal information for the proper discharge of its activities including contacting the Customer for pick-up, delivery and other related purposes.

By virtue of this Privacy Policy, Spin Laundry hereby assures its Customers the security of personally identifiable information such as names, email addresses etc. obtained from them. Spin Laundry shall collect, use, maintain and disclose only limited information of its Customers which the Customer voluntarily submits through the Website and/or Application while signing up, subscribing to newsletters, responding to surveys, etc. The Customers can opt not to provide personal information, but then all services offered by Spin Laundry may not be available for use by the Customer.

In addition to personally identifiable information, Spin Laundry may collect non-personal information such as the browser name, the type of computer and technical information about the Customer's means of connection to the Website and/or the Application, such as the operating system and the Internet Service Providers utilized and other related information.

Purpose of Collecting Information

The personal and non-personal information collected by Spin Laundry as indicated above will be used primarily for the following purposes: (i) For responding to service requests, other queries and addressing grievances of the Customers; (ii) To keep the Customers updated about the status of their requests; (iii) To gain understanding about the preferences of its Customers; (iv) For improving the Website, Application and the quality of offered services; and (v) To send promotions, offers and other service information if the Customer has subscribed to receive them.

Protection of the Collected Information

Spin Laundry has implemented a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of personal information submitted by a Customer while placing an order. Spin Laundry regularly monitors its Website and Application for identifying security holes and vulnerabilities. Spin Laundry has adopted appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of the Customer's personal information, username, password, transaction information and data stored. Sensitive and private data exchange between the Website/Application and its Customers is encrypted over an SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures. All transactions are processed through a gateway provider and are not stored or processed on the servers of Spin Laundry.

Sharing of the Collected Information

Spin Laundry will not sell, trade, rent or otherwise transfer its Customer's personal identification information to outsiders without their approval. So far is necessary for the operation of the Website, Application and its business services, limited personally identifiable information may be shared by Spin Laundry with its business partners, trusted affiliates, third party service providers and advertisers. However, there shall be no restriction on sharing non-personally identifiable information of the Customers for marketing, advertising, or other uses.

Without prejudice to the above, if disclosure is appropriate for compliance with the law and/or protection of other's rights, property or safety, Spin Laundry shall be bound to do so.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated by Spin Laundry any time at its discretion. The Customers are encouraged to frequently check the Website and/or the Application to stay informed about the improvements in the Policy. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that it is his responsibility to review the Privacy Policy periodically and become aware of the amendments.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

By using the services offered by Spin Laundry, the Customer signifies his acceptance of the Privacy Policy. The Customer's continued use of the services even after changes to this Privacy Policy will be deemed as his acceptance of those changes.